The company has finally realized that their printers have become the milking cow of third-party refill ink sellers. Over the past years, these third-party sellers have caused a massive decline in the sales of Epson original ink cartridges, as its printers have become the main target of their improvised “ink tank system”. To gain back what they have lost, the company unveiled Epson L200.

This all-in-on printer is the first of its kind (at least, one that is manufactured by the company who owns the brand). It has its own original Ink Tank System which makes ink refilling easier and affordable. Each bottle of original Epson Refill Ink costs less than $5. This is already enough to print hundreds, if not thousands of pages!

This printer combines efficiency and practicability. It can handle high-volume printing, copy documents instantly (even without a computer) and scan in seconds. It is extremely cost-efficient and incredible fast.

The Printer’s Body

Just like the improvised ink tanks attached by third-party sellers to Epson printers, the ink tank that comes along L200 is also detachable and is situated outside the printer, at its rear. The ink tank system minimizes clogging of the ink cartridge’s print head and thus improves the printer’s performance. In order to minimize ink wastage due to evaporation (since the tank is placed outside the printer), Epson has also added filters and tank caps which seal the tank away from airflow.

There are four control buttons which are visible on the printer’s body. These are the On/OFF button, colour button (for coloured copying), monochrome button (for black and white copying) and the Cancel button which cancels printing jobs and at the same time acts as the button that triggers the print head cleaning process. When pressed for 3 seconds, the printer automatically responds and does tasks that are designed to clean and clear the print head from clogging.

The tubes that link the ink tank and the ink cartridge inside the printer have a valve that helps the user to adjust the flow of ink. This valve can open and the close the tubes. It can also be adjusted to as to prevent back flow of ink once the pressure inside the ink cartridge increases.

Each Ink Tank Cap is etched with a control number that ensures the user that he or she is using genuine Epson products. This control number is unique for each cap. The ink tank is also designed to fit perfectly into the printer’s chassis for aesthetic purposes.

The printer is only 4.3 kgs with a total dimension of 508 by 304 by 151 millimetres. This is small enough to be conveniently placed in the corner of a small office or of a room in the user’s house.

In terms of paper handling, Epson L200 can handle 100 A4 sheets all at once. What’s more, the input tray is also wide enough to support any sheet of paper 8.5 inches wide and up to 44 inches long.

Printer’s Performance

When tested, the printer was rated to print at 27 ppm or pages per minute, for monochrome pages. When used to print coloured pictures and graphics, it is rated a 15 pages per minute. Again, this speed is incredibly fast compared to the other printers out there. Take note that this printer can print a 4 by 6 inch photo is just 66 seconds!

Scan and Copy Functions

This all-in-one printer uses a flatbed contact image sensor to scan documents and photos. It can handle a maximum dpi of 600 by 1200 at 48 or 24 bits, depending on the properties of the document or the photo. For coloured “photo copying”, the printed can produce 1.5 copies per minute (for coloured ones) and 20 copies per minute for monochromatic ones.

Special Features and Connectivity

Epson L200 is considered to be an economical printer because of it 12 W power consumption. It can even operate at 3.5 W when used as a standalone. This printer can be used by anyone who has Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The printer will also work faster if it is plugged to a 2.0 USB port.

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